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The Choi Law Firm was founded in 1983 by Steven Choi and specializes in personal injury law. We only represent people who have been injured as a result
of someone else’s wrongful conduct.

A 26 Year Record of Winning Large Cases
We’re proud of our track record. We’ve taken cases that other firms have undervalued and turned them into large victories. Witness the case of Rosalie Davis, an attorney who first hired a well known law firm to represent her. They told her to settle her case for $175,000. Rosalie came to us for a second opinion, hired our firm and we got her over $1 million dollars!

Our Committment
We combine experience, integrity and hard work to achieve maximum results for our clients. Call for a free consultation: 1-888-400-2464.

CEB In Practice Featured on Cover
April 2010 Issue

Featured in CEB Magazine
Schlicker v. State of CA $6.05 Million Settlement
Highway Design Defect

Featured in SF Recorder

Palega v. PJ's Bar $250,000 Settlement
Restaurant Accident

Featured in SF Chronicle
Ponce v. AC Transit $5.00 Million Settlement
Bus Accident

Featured in Oak Tribune

Rob Fulop v. Zynga Confidential Settlement
Employment Discrimination

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School Accident

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