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Auto Accidents
The Choi Law Firm has handled over 5,000 auto accident cases since 1983. We have expertise all forms of auto accidents, including:

  • Intersection Accidents.
  • Rear-End Accidents.
  • Head-On Collisions.
  • Freeway Accidents.
From fender bender accidents to catastrophic accidents, we handle any size auto accident case. In the case of McLought v. Contra Costa Door, we recovered $1.9 Million for Alfred McLought who was driving home from work and was hit head on by a small truck that had jumped the median divide.

Please call our office for your free copy of our "Auto Accident Guide."

Pedestrian Accidents
Our expertise in pedestrian cases helped us recover $250,000 for Tracy B. who was crossing the street at night even though the police report said the accident was entirely Tracy's fault! And we recovered over $1 Million Dollars for Rosalie Davis, who was hit by a car as she was crossing the street, after her first attorney told her to settle for just $175,000.

Bus Accidents
Our expertise in bus accidents led to a record $5 million dollar settlement in Ponce v. AC Transit. We've had so much success in bus accident cases, our law firm was even hired to represent an insurance company when a bus lost control and drove into the insured's house. Knowing of our expertise, the insurance company hired our law firm to sue the bus company to get back the money they paid their insured to repair their house. This is the only time our law firm ever represented an insurance company.

Truck Accidents
Truck accident cases can be very difficult because they are always hard fought. Your attorney needs to be experienced in all the trucking regulations and be knowledgeable about "black box" devices that are now installed on many commercial trucks. These black boxes are record crash data such as speed of the vehicles and can be crucial in your case.

We recovered over $1 million dollars from a trucker and his company after the trucker lost control of his truck and crossed over a median divide in the case of Schlicker v. State of California. We also recovered an additional $5 million from the State and other contractors in the Schlicker case.

Most recently, our law firm won $750,000 from a trucking company in the case where the defendant insisted on strict confidentiality. We also recovered $373,000 from a trucking company after a 2 week trial

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents
Motorcycle & Bicycle cases have a lot in common. Visibility studies have shown time and again that motorists have a much more difficult time seeing motorcycles and bicycles than they do seeing larger automobiles. There is also a significant amount of bias among many people against motorcyclists and bicyclists that must be overcome. Finally, there are specific laws that pertain the motorcycles ad bicycles that your attorney must be aware of.

We recently recovered $750,000 in a motorcycle accident in a case where the motorcyclist was driving straight and another vehicle made a left turn in front of the motorcycle. The defendant produced two witnesses who testified that our client was travelling at a high rate of speed. Our client had no recollection of the accident. We used a team of experts, including accident reconstructionists to win this case. Note: our client had no insurance and was thus not entitled to any pain and suffering. Our client had a prior attorney who essentially dropped our client.

Slip & Fall Cases
Our law firm handles all types of slip and fall cases, including:

  • SuperMarket Cases.
  • Defective Stairs.
  • Defective Handrails.
  • Dangerous floors and streets
In one case, we represented Billie Thomas who was visiting his wife's grave and tripped and fell on a hidden sprinkler. We recovered $480,000 for Mr. Thomas. We represented Thomas Starkey who was in a parking lot and walked into a stairwell only to encounter a puddle of water. He slipped and fell. We recovered $265,000 for Mr. Starkey.

Construction Accidents
In one case, we represented a construction worker who was carrying two buckets of hot tar down a flight of unfinished stairs when he slipped and fell, spilling the hot tar on him. The worker was wearing shorts, tennis shoes and no gloves, all in violation of the law. We sued the general contractor and claimed that the stairs were "bouncy" and caused him to lose his balance. We recovered $899,000 for Randy Freese.

Dog Attacks
Our law firm handles all types of dog and other animal attacks. We are experienced in Animal Control hearings and Vicious Dog hearings.

Toxic Accidents
If you have been exposed to a toxic substance, you might have a case. We recovered $1 Million Dollars for a woman who was exposed to a toxic substance when she was at work. Her company was in the process of removing an underground storage tank and allowed the toxic fumes to enter the building. No one else was seriously injured.

We also worked on the General Chemical case that led to a $180 Million Dollar recovery for over 50,000 claimants in the Richmond Area.

Restaurant Accidents
Our law firm handles any type of restaurant accident, including slip and falls, burn cases, food poisoning and foreign substances in food.

We represented Joyce Palega in a most unsual restaurant accident case. Joyce was eating at a restaurant when she grabbed her chair to move it forward. The seat came off the base because it was not screwed on and she then sat on finger an amputated the tip. After two surgeries, the tip of the finger was re-attached. We recovered $250,000 for Joyce.

Wrongful Death Cases
We handle any type of wrongful death case. Our firm recovered $1.7 Million for 4 young children whose mother was tragically killed in an auto accident. The police investigation placed fault on the decedent. A respected San Francisco judge told us that we would never recover more than $800,000, but we held out and obtained more than twice that amount.

Medical Malpractice
If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, we can help. There are special laws that apply to medical malpractice cases that you need to be aware of. There is a $250,000 cap on pain and suffering and also caps on attorneys fees.

Employment Discrimination
We handle wrongful termination cases, sexual harassment cases and discrimination cases. In a recent case, we represented Robert Fulop in an age discrimination case against Zynga, Inc. You can read about this case on TechCrunch. This case settled for a strictly confidential sum.